About Street Credit

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Street Credit means respect. Our mission is to build a world class brand that speaks to the character and experiences of those that identify with it.

Beginning in 2005 the Street Credit brand has focused on entertainment with a number of DVD releases as well as worked on a number of broadcast television shows. Over the decade since its initial release StreetCreditTV has seen millions of views on social media and the streaming channel is available online and on Amazon Fire TV.

Though its roots are in hip hop music, Street Credit has since expanded to include a solid presence in sports entertainment with a growing number of digital media properties such as KySportsTV which is the #1 local sports channel in Kentucky, and 1Church.Network a growing streaming portal for inspirational coverage that has been watched by thousands of fans around the world.

Street Credit clothing line officially in March of 2017 and is seeing explosive brand recognition while looking to expand to include a variety of styles and merchandising.

Company History

Street Credit was started in early 2005 by Mista Tony (Anthony Johnson) as a vehicle for local artists to gain recognition for the quality music they were doing. Since then Street Credit has produced and released a number of DVD releases including Street Credit: Derby Edition, Street Credit: King of the Bluegrass, Street Credit Derby Edition Vol 2 (SEA Winner), The Liquor Store DVD Vol I & II, Freestyles.TV DVD, as well as numerous artist and record label DVDs and music videos. 

Street Credit DVDs 2005-2007