McDaniel Bluitt – Juneteenth 2021 Louisville, Kentucky

Interview with McDaniel Bluitt of the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy during Juneteenth 2021 celebration in Louisville, Kentucky. Interview by Mista Tony.

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Bio from WLPAA website:

McDaniel Blutt is a native of Cosby, Texas.  He and his wife Mrs. Mamie Bluitt share the blessing of seven children and have lived in Louisville, KY, for over 50 years. 

He completed his Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Louisville School of Music and received a Masters degree in Counseling from Western Kentucky University.

McDaniel has toured the U.S. and Canada as a bandleader and performer with Motown Records and retired from teaching in the Jefferson County Public Schools as a vocal and instrumental music education after 28 years of service.

McDaniel and Mamie Bluitt’s crowning achievement has been the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy which began as the Moor Temple Boys Choir nearly 30 years ago. The scope of the original boys’ choir grew as McDaniel’s vision grew.   The original choir led to the formation of the West Louisville Boys Choir, the addition of a girls choir, instrument performance education and a youth empowerment and education programs which comprise the West Louisville Performing Arts Academy today.

Under their leadership, the academy offers a summer camp educational experience for its members, Performance events to the community and has traveled and performed in Europe, England, and the United States.  The academy continues to press toward excellence in education and grow its influence and reach through every available medium to empower youth through music education and performance.

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