Breonna Taylor Justice

A collection of informative and compelling videos surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13, 2020 and the subsequent events that have unfolded in its wake.


Breonna Taylor: Killed Mar 13, 2020
Kenneth Walker: Boyfriend of Breonna Taylor
Tamika Palmer: Mother of Breonna Taylor
Sam Aguiar: Attorney for Breonna Taylor
Steve Romines: Attorney for Kenneth Walker
Jonathan Mattingly: Louisville Police
Myles Cosgrove: Louisville Police
Brett Hankison: Louisville Police (fired June 23, 2020), indicted (September 23, 2020)
Daniel Cameron: Kentucky Attorney General
Greg Fischer: Louisville Mayor
Robert Schroeder: Louisville Metro Police interim chief
Steve Conrad: Louisville Metro Police Department Chief (fired)
Tamika Mallory: Social activist
Lonita Baker: Attorney for Breonna Taylor
Jamarcus Glover: Ex boyfriend of Breonna Taylor
David James: Louisville City Council President


PIU 20-019 Investigative Reports
PIU 20-019 Breonna Taylor Narcotics Case File Summary
PIU 20-019 Interview Transcripts
PIU 20-019 CSU, Lab, Evidence Reports
PIU 20-019 Photos
PIU 20-019 Court, Search Warrant, Subpoena, Consent
PIU 20-019 Documentation
PIU 20-019 MetroSafe, CAD
PIU 20-019 Medical Reports
PIU 20-019 Miscellaneous
PIU 20–19 Related Social Media
PIU 20-019 Training

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